Coaching & Leadership

Coaching for Frontline Leaders
Coaching for Senior Leaders
Coaching for High Potential Individuals
Coaching for Frontline Leaders

  • Skills enhancement is achieved through coaching the banker to embrace and incorporate best practices
  • Sustainable change requires coaching both the individual and the team
  • Frontline leader behavior and actions determine the success of every learning initiative
  • Specific coaching best practices are tied to a banker training event
  • Managers learn how to be an intentional coach and effective business leader
  • Coaches learn how to motivate middle level and high performing bankers

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Coaching for Senior Leaders

C6 is a developmental resource to organizations and
their leadership by

  • Developing leaders new to a position
  • Learning to lead a complex team
  • The role of messaging: What it takes to be an effective leader
  • The leader’s role in building the Bank’s Culture

Senior Leader coaching includes both group and one-on-one sessions

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Coaching for High Potential Individuals

This is one-on-one coaching for individuals looking to advance as highly effective bankers or towards a leadership position. Nominations can be made by the organization or the individual can self-select as a personal investment in his or herself

Tailored coaching is available for:

  • Credit Skills
  • Business Development and Sales Skills
  • Relationship Management Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

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